What is the ((Yoga)) of Yoga?

By: Ashok Gangadean

            The heart of classical Yoga introduces a powerful technology for shifting consciousness, literacy, experience and life from an egocentric pattern and culture to a more mature and evolved, awakened, integral and holistic Life and Experience that flows with the Unified Field of Reality. What we call the ((Aum Zone)).

            This fundamental shift to Yoga Life calls for the awakening and dilation of the Self (the Whole Person) from egomental life and culture to Life that is centered and flows in the AUM Space – the Unified Field of Reality.  Such a shift is the main focus, for example, of the powerful teachings of Lord Krishna in the Bhagavadgita presented  to Arjuna, the fallen warrior on the battlefield, whose life implodes in a moral-spiritual crisis in the midst of his fratricidal war.  Arjuna is lodged in a life and culture that is ego-based (“monocentric”) and hence cut off from the higher Unified Field of Aum (Reality Zone)  which Lord Krishna embodies in his living  yoga presence, speech and teaching.

              Krishna embodies the Yoga Teaching which flows from Union with the AUM Field.  So in this classical case the Yoga Teaching and Coaching helps Arjuna see that he is living an egomental life that is fragmented, polarized alienated and dysfunctional and learns from Krishna how to shift his life into the Script and Literacy of AUM where mindful Humans flourish.  In this classical drama we witness the heart of Yoga as this shift from egomental life (literacy and culture) into the dilated, awakened, mindful life in the AUM Zone, an integral and holistic dimension of experience and culture.

              This Yoga awakening teaching comes with the cultivation of a higher Integral Literacy and AUM Script that is Holistic, that awakens the Body, the MindBody, the HeartMind, the Whole Person, and thus the key to Well Being and Flourishing. This... Is the ((Yoga)) of yoga.

               This shift, of course, embodies the essence of Classical Yoga and is the power point of all the great Yoga Teachings of the ages.  If, for example, we open the great Yoga Sutras of Patanjali we see in the opening lines that Yoga is the quieting of egomental mind and life.  This theme echoes through all the Vedas, the essence of Vedanta Wisdom, and resonating through the great Yoga Teachers and Philosophers through the ages.  This dimensional shift from egomental life to Integral Yoga Life is the focus of the great teachings of Aurobindo…to take yet another example.

              But this classical Yoga Teaching for Life is also echoed in the collective Wisdom and  Enlightenment teachings of our great traditions across the planet and through the ages.  The great awakening of Lord Buddha, for example,  turns on this very Shift from the fragmented and dysfunctional ways of egomental life to the Mindful Flow of Life in the Holistic Field of the Buddha Space-  Buddha Consciousness.  This is also the heart of Zen, which teaches that the awakened Human lives in Presence and is fully in flow with this Moment Here and Now.  Being HereNow is a global face of the heart of Yoga Life.  Such a Shift may be seen in the Life and Teaching of Jesus as he embodies and speaks from the Logos, the Infinite Spirit, the Source of Script, the Living Truth, the Way and the Life.  This Holistic Speech and embodied Teaching is fully in sync with the AUM Script of an awakened Life in Yoga.

               And in the Global Light we are able to see the “latent” Global Power of the Classical Yoga Teachings embodied and presented in widely variant forms.  Yoga is thus not a local and particular ideology or set of dogmas but an open and boundless Global Technology for dilating life, experience and culture from egomental patterns to a more mature and evolved Integral and Holistic flow of Life in the Here and Now.

               When we make this Yoga Shift and stand back from any of our more “localized” perspectives or mental “lens”, and dilate our literacy, intelligence and mentation process into  the Global Yoga Zone we discover astounding patterns and global truths that could not be seen clearly before.  When we enter this Global Light into the Fundamental Field of Reality we see, for example, that our great wisdom and enlightenment teachings across the planet and through the ages are in consensus that We ARE as we mind:  when we live an egomental life we experience separation, fragmentation, isolation, polarization, and a wide range of human dysfunctions at the personal and cultural levels.  But when we dilate, mature and shift into the Integral and Holistic patterns of Yoga Life and Literacy we flow in harmony, connectivity, non-duality, well being and flourishing. This...Is the ((Yoga)) of yoga.

               This shift from egomental (monocentric) life to Yoga Life is such a powerful consensus in our Global Wisdom that it calls out  to be made explicit and brought fully into the open:  Let us use “/…/” to mark when we are situated within and living  /egomental/ patterns of life and culture, and use “((…))” to make explicit when we are in the ((Yoga Zone)), shifted into the ((AUM Script)), the ((Global Awakened Script)) that is at the heart of ((Yoga Teachings)).

               So with these evolutionary markers we can express in clear and succinct  form the fundamental insight expressed above:  ((Yoga)) is the ((technology)) of shifting from /life/ to ((Life)).  And as long as teachers and practitioners of “Yoga” are lodged within the /egomental/ or /monocentric/ space, script, cultures, experience and life…we cannot encounter the true ((power and essence)) of ((Yoga)).

             Thus, the classical teaching and practice of ((Yoga)) calls upon us to engage and enter the ((Yoga)) of /Yoga/, to shift from /life/ to ((Life)), and bring /yoga/ to ((life)).


 ((Yoga)) in a ((Global Light)):


((Yoga)) is a living and embodied  ((technology)) of making this “dimensional” shift from /egomental/ = /dualistic/ life which is alienated and separated from ((Flow)) to a more evolved and mature ((Life)) which is Non/dual/ = ((Holistic))= ((Integral)) and flowing in the ((AUM Script)).

In this Global ((Lens)) classical ((Yoga)) is beyond any /ideology/ or /dogma/ or localized /world view/ or /cultural form/.  The expansive ((Space of Yoga)) is ((open)) unencumbered by any restrictive /egomental forms/, hence ((Free Form)), ((Fractal)), and flows in Creative ((Improvisation)).  The heart of ((Yoga)) is thus beyond any one restrictive or constrictive /Form/, /For-mat/, or self privileging /process/ or /practice/.  The ((AUM Space = Script = Literacy)) is ((fractal)), the ((infinite flow)) of ((Presence)), surfing in currency with ((Now Time)), which is ((Being Here Now)).  So ((Classical Yoga)) is Open and ((Global)) in power and scope.
All this is incorporated into the ((Saith Yoga Sanctuary)).

And this is the moving force of the classical ((teaching)) of the ((Yoga)) of yogas, and of bringing ((Yoga)) to ((Life)).