The Private Sessions

        Booking a private session gives you an opportunity that my class students never get...  Focused one on one attention catered to what you are ready for and what you are wanting to learn most.  A typical class environment does not give the teacher the opportunity to provide that kind of focus for their students.  And it does not provide the opportunity for the student to ask questions in the middle of a class.  There are great possibilities within the quiet and insulated sanctuary of Saith Studios to accelerate your growth in this practice way past what is possible alone or in a class.  If you are just getting started and are a little shy or apprehensive about "doing" yoga as many of my clients start off, I often say, "You are my favorite kind of student!  Because your mind is not colored by a bunch of associations about what it means to do yoga 'right.'"  I fancy myself the ideal teacher for bringing one into the practice gently!  On the other hand, If you are experienced and want help getting to the next level of your abilities then you are also my favorite kind of student!  We can have fun turning up the intensity level as we safely push the envelope! 

One hundred dollars up to One and Half hours at Saith Studios

One hundred and twenty five dollars for me to come to you!

To schedule an appointment call 928-274-6565 or click below!