Saith Yoga Audios

       Originally, I had brought in my recording device to just get a record of the insights that come through, seemingly out of the blue, while I'm teaching that I don't have time to write down, and would never remember again... and possibly never utter again.  Lord knows, there have been many moments I wish I had some record of.   After accumulating a number of these I decided that I would just make them available for anyone to listen to.  I figure that even if you're not following along (and of course, you can if you want to also!) there is a lot of medicine in these practices.  Yoga practice is not just about doing postures and breathing.   It's a rewiring of the very programming of how we see ourselves, our bodies, our lives, reality, the world, and literally everything.  It's Yoga of the Lens!  We're not just stretching our bodies... we're stretching Yoga!  Enjoy!  They're gonna keep on coming!  ~N


photos by Mike Dexx Negron and Andrew Holman ~