Lord Krishna teaching Arjuna authentic ((yoga)) when his /world/ is coming to an ((End)). 

Lord Krishna teaching Arjuna authentic ((yoga)) when his /world/ is coming to an ((End)). 

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((Yoga)) of yoga Instructor


Most people do not understand what ((yoga)) actually is.  Unfortunately, a lot of the teachers and schools don't either.  This is because ((yoga)) has gotten swallowed up by a /culture/ that teaches and learns in a way that is un-((Yogic)).  And rare is the teaching that helps us to see this.   This is a difficult thing to understand at first... but if it is authentic ((Yoga)) you seek, it is of utmost importance to find a ((teacher/school)) that gets this foundational understanding.  Not just for yoga... but most importantly, for ((Life)). 

This is what Saith Yoga is founded upon.  Everything is geared towards the ((awareness)) of your /awareness/, the ability to ((See)) your /seeing/, to ((Observe)) your /observing/.  Without this, we default to an un-yogic state.  How can we Teach/learn yoga in an anti-yoga framework? 

If this speaks to you, and you want to take your yoga practice or teaching to another level, express your interest here.  I am currently looking for one special person who is ready to embark on this path.  To become the first "((Yoga)) of yoga" certified teacher.    If you are interested and would like to apply, click below to open the form!


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