Beyond Wisdomism ~ Let's Get Real...Together

  • Light Body Pilates 2445 AZ-89A Suite 4 Sedona, Az, 86336

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Taking place at Light Body Pilates

2445 AZ-89A Suite 4, Sedona, AZ 86336



        Join us for a truly ((New)) event in Sedona.  World Renowned Philosopher and Spiritual Activist Ashok Gangadean and his son Näthan will be taking you on a Journey unlike any you have experienced.  That's because this is not just another Lecture... Workshop... or Seminar ABOUT philosophy.  It is an Encounter WITH Philosophy.  Which is the stuff of ((Life))!

        Ashok is a true master of connecting the dots through history showing us the current state of "wisdom-ism," how we have come to be where we are now, what we have been missing in our great evolutionary saga, and gaining access to the SOURCE Code of Presence which is truly a matter of ((Life)) and /death/ for each human and for Humanity as a whole! 

     Näthan is a master yoga teacher who focuses on teaching the Yoga of yoga itself.  Liberating Yoga from the "yoga-isms" that have taken over in our modern culture.  His classes are an entirely unique, human friendly and freeing approach which Näthan was able to develop based on his upbringing and deep awareness of First Philosophy... which is the essence of Authentic Yoga.  This is something that has been eclipsed by our current mind states and superficial focuses and therefore ((Yoga)) has been /trapped/.  Näthan brings this healing of yoga on the mat and off with his Awakening Life Arts... the Sponsor of this event.

      Wisdom-ism implies that we must each get out of our minds and into our hearts... perpetuating the split between the two.  This has severely impeded many Spiritually oriented folks who deep down know that true Spirituality doesn't require us to shut out the mind... but to Upgrade it!  So come prepared to ((Think)) at a higher level!  Come prepared to dismantle faulty beliefs and philosophies that run our lives by getting to the very source of them! 

     This is Soul Medicine... Mind Medicine... Heart Medicine.
This is Where Real Science and Real Spirituality meet.  This is where Buddha, Jesus, Krishna, Lao Tse, and all the great teachers and teachings through time meet. This is where all ideologies and isms can't go... But we can.  We are meant to!  Let's go Beyond wisdomism together! 

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Program Details


Friday March 4th: The Journey Begins

5:30 pm Registration/Sign-in:

(Not required for anyone just wanting to "test the waters" by listening in on the free opener.  There will be another chance to register for the weekend should you decide that it is for you.)

6-9 pm: Event opener ~ FREE AND OPEN TO THE PUBLIC!

6:00pm-7:30pm:   This is a nothing-to-lose way of tuning into what this weekend is really about!  To see if you want to take the Journey with us!  This will be the introduction to this ground-breaking, age-old, yet unprecedented awareness of what humanity has been missing and why we continue to remain stuck in chronic patterns based in familiar conditioned ways of thinking.  Ashok Gangadean will masterfully facilitate this journey by guiding us through the path and struggle of humanity to overcome suffering as we were invited to by our great wisdom elders such as Jesus, Buddha, Lao Tsu, Krishna, and so on.  By the end of this opening you will have a clear decision to make.  Join us and go deeper into this empowering awareness or simply decide that it is not for you, obligation free! 

~15 Minute Break~

7:45pm-9:00pm: Reconvene, recap, and open up dialogue... The ((Talking Stick))


Saturday March 5th: No Turning Back

7:30 am: Registration

At this juncture, we can go in any number of alternative directions in our journey into global wisdom:  The Buddha Journey... The Christ Journey... The Socrates Journey into ((Logos))... The Lao Tzu Journey into ((Tao))... The ((Zen)) Journey... The Rumi Journey... Or perhaps even the Gita journey.  This morning let's take the depth journey of ((Yoga)).

8:00-9:15 am: Liberating ((Yoga)) with Näthan Gangadean

       Though it is optional to join us for this portion... it is NOT extracurricular! Rather, it is an integral and vital aspect of getting REAL with the Source teachings introduced last night!  If you have not experienced Näthan's yoga class yet, this will change the way you think about yoga altogether!  As this event will make glaringly clear, we situate everything, including yoga, into an un-yogic mind-frame which places the superficial and mechanical aspects of the yoga arts at the forefront.  AKA getting flexible...or "doing the pose right"... etc.  Without a teacher or teaching that can help you see the underlying drives behind one's practice, the student is left to the default modes of relating to their bodies which is laden with struggle and often pain.  Näthan, using a highly sophisticated yet subtle approach and narration which he developed over 15 years of teaching, will show you ways of healing and discovering the body as you never knew before!

~15 Minute Break~

9:30 am-12:30 pm ~ The Morning Session

9:30am-11:00am: The Yoga of yoga: Delve into a deep slideshow-journey with Näthan and Ashok deconstructing everything you thought you knew about yoga and preparing YOU to be the best yoga teacher you ever had... on and off the mat!  There's no going back to "doing" yoga like we used to after you become aware of this. 

~15 Minute Break~

11:15-12:30: Creative Improvisational Deep Dialogue Playshop: The ((Talking Stick)), the ((Shadow Chair)), ((Role Play)) and expressions from the ((Heart)). 

12:30 pm-2:00pm: LUNCH BREAK

2:00 pm-5:00 pm: Deeper into ((Global Wisdom)) - Beyond /yoga/

2:00pm-3:30pm: The Journey of Arjuna and Krishna:  As with ALL great scriptures, the classic Yoga Philosophy of India, one of the most popular and well-known deliveries being through the ancient text called the Bhagavad Gita, has itself been obscured by it's own delivery.  We can read this brilliant teaching in the same old way, as an historical piece, and with the same kind of informational listening we are addicted to, which renders the teachings anemic and ineffective.  That is, until you have the "Decoder"!  Which is ((Source intelligence)).  After gaining the ((Awareness)) we have thus far, we can now truly ((Listen)) to the hidden ((Wisdom)) that is actually coming from the dialogue between ((Krishna)) and /Arjuna/.  Which is more pertinent today than ever.  Because we are each /Arjuna/ in a deep existential crisis and the voice of ((Yoga)) or ((Krishna)) or ((Wisdom)) is guiding us to a deeper Awakening than we would have been able to detect when we were without the ((Decoder)).  Ashok has been guiding his students and audiences through these texts for decades and is truly a Master at helping us encounter this deep wisdom like never before.  This, again, will absolutely change everything! 

~15 Minute Break~

3:45pm-5:00pm: ((Playshop/Improv)): Deep Dialogue Sharing. Role Playing.  Releasing the shadow voice.

5:00 pm- 6:30 pm: DINNER BREAK

6:30pm- 8:00pm: Musical ((Source)) Concert with Näthan "SAITH"

Just as we have become anesthetized to ((Wisdom)), we have also become numb to truly being able to hear ((Music)).  Especially when it comes from a place of ((Wisdom)).  Saith's songs have always been largely geared toward taking the listener to a deep space of healing and understanding for our times through the vibrations of ((song)) and ((lyrics)).  Now that our ((Ears)) have been opened up, we can really hear Saith's songs in a way we wouldn't have been able to "cold."  Again and again this has been the feedback from listeners who have been assisted in ((hearing)) the ((music)) on a deeper level.  Ashok will help us dilate our ((Source Ears)) as we take this musical journey.  This concludes our first full day together!


Sunday March 6th: Making ((The Great Crossing))

8:00 am-9:15 am: Liberating Yoga with Näthan Gangadean (See Above Description)

~15 Minute Break~

9:30 am-12:30 pm: Diagnosis - The Urgency Factor

9:30am - 11:00am Ashok and Näthan takes us more deeply into our ((Source)) Journey: Going deeper into understanding why the de-((Sourced)) condition leads to our wide ranging dysfunctions from the personal to the Global.  From relationships, to parenting, to politics, to environment, world peace, and all levels of culture... This is a ((new diagnosis)) for the depth of our condition and how urgent it truly is! 

~15 Minute Break~

11:15am - 12:30pm ((Playshop/Improv)): Break out sessions.  Breaking into smaller groups for a fun exploration of role playing taking turns being ((Teacher)) and /skeptic/.  This is a creative way of discovering the ((Source Code)) within each of us.  And activating our inner ((Teacher)). 

12:30 pm-2:00pm: LUNCH BREAK

2:00 pm - 5:00 pm: ((Source Healing)) ~ Human Flourishing

2:00pm - 3:30pm: How the new culture and our lives look after accessing the ((Source Code)).  Arriving in ((Source)), our journey truly begins!

~15 Minute Break~

3:45pm - 5:00pm ((Open Deep Dialogue)):  Allowing ((source synergy)) to emerge through our ((group intelligence)).  A ((New Life)) Begins. Closing ritual.


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More Details coming soon!