Beyond /Spiritualism/ - The Maturation of Spirituality in Sedona

   Space is extremely Limited!  Register by contacting us through our contact form... emailing   or   calling Awakening Life Arts @ 928-554-4664.     

        Join Ashok and Näthan Gangadean for a new way to celebrate the New Year! This is a Sedona Community ((Deep Dialogue)) In the Spirit Of Taking Wisdom and Spirituality to the next level! Ideal for anyone eager to take a bold look at ourselves as well as the current state of “Pop” Wisdom, self-Help, and Yoga practices as we bravely ask such questions as “why has spiritual activism been stalled for centuries?” In the light of our planetary wisdom endowment, arrive at the Cutting edge
of Evolution by discovering a deeper “diagnosis” of the Human Condition which is the prerequisite for effective change at the personal, cultural, and Global Levels! All Are Welcome!!

Details of the event:
3 sessions over 24 hours • Saturday Evening • January 2nd 6-9
Sunday All Day • January 3rd • $50
Includes optional Sunday Morning Yoga Class with Näthan,
Evening Concert Featuring Alisse Garn and Näthan “Saith”,
Concluding New Year’s Celebration, and a digital copy of Ashok’s New Audio Book, “Awakening Global Enlightenment”        

         Join us for a truly ((New)) event in Sedona.  World Renowned Philosopher and Spiritual Activist Ashok Gangadean and his son Näthan will be taking you on a Journey unlike any you have experienced.  That's because this is not just another Lecture... Workshop... or Seminar ABOUT philosophy.  It is an Encounter WITH Philosophy.  Which is the stuff of ((Life))!

        Ashok is a true master of connecting the dots through history showing us the current state of Wisdom-ism, how we have come to be where we are now, what we have been missing in our great evolutionary saga, and gaining access to the SOURCE Code of Presence which is truly a matter of ((Life)) and /death/ for each human and for Humanity as a whole! 

     Näthan is a master yoga teacher who focuses on teaching the Yoga of yoga itself.  Liberating yoga from the yoga-isms that have taken over.  His classes are an entirely unique, human friendly and freeing approach which Näthan was able to develop based on his upbringing and deep awareness of First Philosophy... which is the essence of Real Yoga.  This is something that has been eclipsed by our current mind states and superficial focuses and therefore ((Yoga)) has been /trapped/.  Näthan brings this healing of yoga on the mat and off with his Awakening Life Arts... the Sponsor of this event.

      Spiritual-ism implies that we must each get out of our minds and into our hearts... perpetuating the split between the two.  This has severely impeded many Spiritually oriented folks who deep down know that true Spirituality doesn't require us to shut out the mind... but to Upgrade it!  So come prepared to ((Think)) at a higher level!  Come prepared to dismantle faulty beliefs and philosophies that run our lives by getting to the very source of them! 

     This is Soul Medicine... Mind Medicine... Heart Medicine.
This is Where Real Science and Real Spirituality meet.  This is where Buddha, Jesus, Krishna, Lao Tse, and all the great teachers and teachings through time meet. This is where all ideologies and isms can't go... But we can.  We are meant to!  Let's go Beyond /Spiritualism/ together!