Näthan currently offers several yoga classes in the Sedona area.  If you live in Sedona, nearby, or are even just passing through, consider stopping by for a refreshing experience of ((Yoga)). 

Any time... Any where... Sit in on Näthan's Yoga Class wherever you have a solid internet connection!  For Now, enjoy access on the house!  These videos will cover a spectrum of flows from the super slow and gentle to the more vigorous and advanced.  Also, coming soon, the "posture clinic" videos in a Saith Yoga fashion! 

If you are in Sedona, or I'm in your town, schedule a Private Yoga Session with me.  Get the one on one attention that is just not possible in a classroom setting or from a video.  It's all about you, so ask questions and "get on my case" about what's working and what's not!  In this way, we can accelerate your progress in a way that can bypass years of unnecessary struggle and potential discouragement!  Let's go deep!  

Yoga ain't just postures on a mat.  It is primarily a kind of rewiring of the mind based on the foundation that Reality is Infinite and therefore infinitely One.  This doesn't just change the way we experience our bodies... it changes the way we experience every aspect of our lives!  Through my Yoga reflections, you can begin to rewire your own consciousness to tap the same Source-Wisdom that the practice of Yoga has given me access to...  for it is truly... Infinite! 

From what we call the "Awakening Life Sanctuaries" to the ground-floor, nitty-gritty Teacher/Practitioner "Enhancement trainings," (Lovingly referred to as "UN-trainings") We got you covered in learning how to tap the Global Source Wisdom of Authentic Yoga so you can bring Yoga to Life!  For you teachers out there who got the certificate and want to take it to the next level, the Enhancement trainings are especially for you! 

Listen in on some of Näthan's actual live classes.  During Näthan's classes, things are often said that are not repeated.  Listen in to catch some of these gems and integrate them into your own practice.  Even if you don't follow along, just having it going in the background still serves to subliminally transmit the "medicine" of the Saith Yoga approach.  Enjoy! 

Check out the the "sister" sites including saithmusic.com, saithstudios.com, awakeninglifearts.com, and the incredible wealth of Global Wisdom Teachings found on awakeningmind.org to enrich your experience here and strengthen the roots of your rapidly growing Yoga Mind!