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Why a ((Yoga Sanctuary))?

One of our Previous Events!  More to come!

One of our Previous Events!  More to come!

     This ((Saith Yoga Intensive)) is presented as a ((Sanctuary)) precisely to Open ((Sacred Space)) for the essence of classical ((Yoga)) to creatively emerge in our dimensional crossing into the ((AUM Zone)).

     It is a vital response to one of the astounding findings of our great Wisdom and Enlightenment teachings of the ages: that despite the powerful ((Shift)) teachings of our ((Scriptures)) and ((Spiritual Technologies)), “humanity” continues to be chronically lodged within the alienated /Spaces/ of /Egomental/ or /Monocentric/ or /Dualistic/ forms of life.

     Our “cultures” continue to be addicted to the powerful forces of /Egomental/ life that is the primary concern of our great ((Teachings)).

     The ((Yoga Sanctuary)) is designed to assist the ((participants)) in truly recognizing the predominant forces of /Egomental Life/ and authentically ((embodying)) the ((Re-Hab Medicine and Therapy)) of ((Yoga Shift Practices)).

      ((Yoga)) cannot be experienced (taught or learnt) in its most authentic, powerful and true ((form)) within /cultural spaces/ that are /egomental/ or /monocentric/.  The models of a /work-shop/ or a /retreat/ do not ((signal)) well the call for an ((Open Sanctuary)) to ignite the ((teaching)) and ((dilate and shift)) the “practitioners” in the most effective way.   The ((Sanctuary Intensive)) is designed to dilate, shift, empower and cultivate the ((Whole Person)).

      The ((Yoga Curriculum)) incorporates sessions of ((Deep Dialogue)) amongst the ((participants)) to assist in their digesting, metabolizing, incorporating, appropriating the powerful ((Yoga Experience)). These intentionally spaced ((deep dialogue)) group ((sharing)) sessions are designed to assist the ((participants)), both individually and collectively to deepen their dilated shift into the ((Yoga Literacy, Script and Mindful)) process and practice.

      As we bring ((Yoga)) to ((life)) we begin to cultivate ((Yoga Ritual Power)) in all aspects of daily life.  Every /action/ or /activity/ can be transformed into a powerful ((Yoga Ritual))... breathing, walking, eating, making love, speaking and communicating, playing.  The ((Yoga Literacy)), entering the ((AUM Zone)) ignited all human ((activities)) into powerful ((rituals)) which assists in sustaining ((life in the Yoga Zone)).

The ((Curriculum)) for Life: ((K through 90))

       Accordingly, the ((Sanctuary Curriculum)) is designed in increasing ((depth stages)).  At the "Yoga 100" Introductory Level the ((participant)) is taken ever deeper in the discovery, activation and encounter of her ((Body)).  This ((dilation and awakening)) of one’s ((Body)) of course comes with the dilation of ((Mind)) and ((patterns of consciousness)) and the ((Yoga Literacy and Script)) sinks in.  So awakening ((Body)) comes with awakening ((Yoga Mind)) which is ((HeartMind)) = ((MindBody)) living in the ((Aum Zone)).

      At the "Yoga 200" Yoga Level this ((Awakened Body Literacy)) is further dilated to the ((Global Space)) where the participant discovers ((Yoga Teaching)) in the Global Context across borders, between diverse wisdom and enlightenment teachings. Here the participant deepens in Global Literacy to discover the ((Global Power)) of ((Yoga Technology for Life)).

      And at the more advanced "Yoga 300" level ((participants)) are dilated further to learn powerful ((ritual practices)) essential in bringing their ((Yoga Literacy and Script Power)) to full ((Life)) ... all of (life)) as ((Whole Empowered Persons)) in all ((walks and talks of Life)).

Yoga Diplo-Mats: Change Agents, Yoga Activists, Evolutionaries

      One playful but important aspect of this ((Yoga Teaching)), rather than /training/, is to asssit ((mature, empowered, whole humans)) in being ((role models)) of ((culture shifters)) as they ((live their lives: Yoga to Life)).  We see that ((Yoga)) is Global and ((Evolutionary)).  ¦Adaptable and Maturing with Cultural and Human Evolution through the ages.  ((Yoga Now)) for global citizens in our Global Age emerges in full ((global power)). Those ((participants)) going through the ((Sanctuary Curriculum)) successfully emerge as embodied ((change agents)), ambassadors and diplo-mats, moving off the /mats/ into ((AUM Yoga Life Space)).. Being an Awakened ((Whole Person)) is itself a powerful ((activism)) to assist in bringing forth the more mature and ((Holistic Culture)) called for by our ((Global Yoga Wisdom)).